Hi, this is

Zeyu Chen

I like to throw algorithms onto algorithms.

Hi, I'm Zeyu Chen.

I am a high school student who enjoys working in computer and data science. One of my favourite pastimes is to solve programming problems in efficient and creative manners.

I began learning how to code since I was 11 when I started my first project of a centimetre to metre units conversion tool. What started as a small school project began a passion, and soon I was using code to solve some everyday problems.

Outside of programming, I enjoy practicing Taekwon-do as a 3rd Dan Black Belt, speedrunning, researching algorithms, doing graphic design, and writing computer science problems for online competitions.

The sheer versatility of programming and the vast world of algorithms drives my motivation to keep learning and experimenting.


Here are some of my favourite projects done in collaboration with others or in my spare time.


A winner of cuHacking 2019, this software analyzes pictures of your skin moles in detail using OpenCV.

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A neon-themed game which analyzes music to sync with numerous powerups, enemies, and obstacles.

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A classic Scrabble game with a builtin computer playing in varying difficulties written in Javascript.

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Sunspot Bot

A robot that listens to user gestures through Leapmotion to make your plant mobile and well-nourished.

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Competitive Programming

I've solved and authored various computer science problems on the DMOJ competitive programming platform.

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